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Inclement Weather Conditions

It is important to take certain precautions during weather conditions that may affect students' health.  Please consider the following recommendations to ensure student safety:

Recommendations for "Hot Days" (Temperatures 88º and above including Heat Index)

·        Students must be allowed to drink plenty of water during and after P.E. classes.

·        Vigorous outdoor activity should be limited to 20 minutes.  

·        All students should remain indoors in the afternoon. 

·        Direct exposure to the sun should be limited.  DO NOT HAVE STUDENTS SITTING ON ASPHALT OR IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

Recommendations for "Cold Days" (Temperature 39º and below including Wind Chill Factor)

  ·        When outdoors, students should dress accordingly.

  ·        Indoor activity is recommended.

  ·        Avoid outdoor exposure in extremely cold temperatures.

  ·        Avoid exposure to wind if possible.




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