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REQUIRED: Updating Fitnessgram 8.6

Regardless of the software version you have, it is REQUIRED that you update your current program so that you have the latest enhancements to the software. No school district will be able to submit their data if they have not completed this update!  NOTE: For the network versions, you must update both the server and client.   

The Fitnessgram 8.6 update is to be applied to your 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.2, or 8.3 program. The 8.6 Update incorporates all previous updates to FitnessgramWhen the update is applied to your program, it will be updated to 8.6.

To determine your current version, go to the Teacher program and click on the Help pull-down menu. Select 'About'--your version number will be displayed at the top of the screen.  If you have a network Fitnessgram program, the version will be listed for both the server and the client.

The Fitnessgram 8.6 software update contains many enhancements, including the following:

  1. Tools for Human Kinetics technical support staff to use when working with our network customers.
  2. Resolves connectivity issues for the District server version.
  3. Data validation report providing names of those students who do not have grade, gender, and DOB.  Reports cannot be generated without this information.
  4. Data consolidation tool to clean up the Fitnessgram database.
  5. Addition of TX PEIMS ethnicity codes needed to send Fitnessgram results to their state agency.
  6. Export Wizard for the Achievement of Standards report indicating if students are in the Healthy Fitness Zone for a test component (i.e., aerobic capacity, body composition, etc.).
  7. Selection of a data range for the Fitnessgram statistical report.
  8. Addition of tool tips throughout the program.
  9. When adding teachers and students to the program, we?ve placed gentle reminders to make sure all data are entered. 
  10. Additional minor fixes to areas within the program.
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