State compensatory education (SCE) is defined in law under Section 29.081 of the Texas Education Code (TEC) as programs and/or services designed to supplement the regular education program for students identified as at risk of dropping out of school. The purpose is to increase the academic achievement and reduce the dropout rate of these at-risk students.  The goal of SCE is to reduce any disparity in performance on assessment instruments administered under Subchapter B, Chapter 39 TEC, or disparity in the rates of high school completion between students at risk of dropping out of school and all other local educational agency (LEA) students.

Since the academic year 1992-93, TEC Section 11.251 has required each LEA to have a district and campus improvement plan or charter instructional plan, as appropriate. The SCE program must be described in the campus improvement plan (CIP) if the program is implemented at the campus level or be described in the district improvement plan (DIP) if the state compensatory education program is implemented district wide.  State law requires the DIP and CIP; it is the primary record supporting expenditures attributed to the state compensatory education program.

SAISD complies with all state requirements.  Professional development is provided to accurately identify students that meet the state at-risk criteria and are under the age of 26 and extensive collaboration is conducted throughout the academic year to ensure appropriate academic interventions and services are provided to the at-risk population.  Documentation, expenditures, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the SCE Program are recorded in the CIP and DIP annually and submitted to Texas Education Agency (TEA).


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