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Department of Special Education Services
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    Department of Special Education Teacher Specialists & Supervisors
  • APE
    Adapted Physical Education Teachers
  • VAC
    Vocational Adjustment Coordinators
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    Department of Special Education Secretaries & Clerks
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    Department of Special Education Assessment Staff


Our Philosophy and Mission Statement

Special Education is an integral part of the total educational program, which assures all students a free appropriate public education. This inclusive philosophy endorses the concepts that:

  • Students with disabilities will be educated with their non-disabled peers to the greatest extent possible within the least restrictive environment.
  • All students, regardless of disabilities will be provided access to the general curriculum in accordance to their individual needs.

Appropriate curriculum modifications will be provided for any student with disabilities whose individual needs cannot be met through the state's required curriculum elements. Instructional services will be provided which allows for learning in an environment that is most appropriate and least restrictive to meet the student's needs.

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 SAISD Special Education

Dr.Vangie Aguilera Senior Executive Director
Rose Pastrano Facilitator, Community and Parent Outreach
Stefanie Keller-Perkins Coordinator, Elementary, PPCD, Speech, Team Moreno
Anna Frederick

Coordinator,LS,APE,and Related Services, STAAR ALT

Cindy Terrell Facilitator, Data & Fiscal Management
Dr. Lydia Bartlett Coordinator, Secondary, State Assessment and AYVP
Maria Cervera Coordinator, Secondary Special Programs 
Beth Jones Coordinator Psychological Services & Behavior Support
Linda Kochheiser Coordinator, AI, VI, RDSPD, Related Services, Autism, Team 1 Elementary Schools

Special Education: Building Support for Students with Disabilities