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Question:  What is ARD?

·        Answer:  The Admission, Review, and Dismissal committee meets annually to review evaluation results and student’s progress, develops the individual educational plan and determines the type of assessment the student will take.  Goals and objectives are also determined according to the student’s needs at this meeting.


Question: What is the Behavior Support Program (BSP)?

Answer: It is a program designed for students with disabilities whose behavior interferes with their learning or the learning of others. For placement in BSP, the ARD/IEP committee must consider appropriate services, positive supports, the functional behavioral assessment (FBA) and a behavior intervention plan (BIP).


Question: Who is eligible for extended school year services (ESY)?

Answer: ESY services are determined on an annual basis. They are available to a student with disabilities when his/her ARD/IEP committee determines that the services are necessary. Documentation must support that in one or more critical areas on the student’s current ARD/IEP goals and objectives, the student has exhibited, or is expected to exhibit, severe or substantial regression that cannot be recouped within a reasonable time period. Severe or substantial regression means that the student has been, or will be, unable to maintain one or more critical skills without the provision of ESY services. The determination of need for ESY services is not based on disability category. Each student’s needs are considered individually.