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Question: Which students are eligible for SAISD transportation as a related service?
Answer: Students who have cognitive limitations, physical limitations or emotional problems are eligible for transportation as a related service. 


Question: Must a representative from SAISD Transportation be present at the ARD/IEP meeting  in order to recommend transportation as a related service?
Answer: NO.
The Department recommends that a school contact the Director of Transportation/Assistant Director of Transportation to have transportation personnel attend ARD/IEP meetings in the following situations:


● Specialized school bus equipment is required to provide transportation services.
A student with disabilities has severe behavioral problems and transportation is an integral part of the school-based behavioral intervention program.  Goals and objectives for transportation should be included in the BIP.  
A student with disabilities is medically fragile and requires special care.
A student has an infectious disease that requires special precautions.
● Special services/instructions, such as individual trips, restraints, isolation, are necessary.


Question: What is the procedure providing transportation to a student whose ARD/IEP committee recommends placement on a campus other than hi/her home campus?
Answer: If the ARD/IEP committee transfers a student to another campus because the appropriate services are not offered at the student’s home campus, the ARD/IEP committee completes the transportation supplement to provide transportation.


Question:  What is the policy on providing transportation for students whose parent requests a transfer?
Answer: Typically, a student who transfers to a campus other than his/her home campus at the request of the parent does not receive transportation.  However, the ARD/IEP committee may consider the appropriateness of providing transportation to the student.


Question:  What is the policy on providing transportation for students who attend a separate campus as a part of the continuum of services?
Answer: If a student with disabilities is placed at a separate campus by an ARD/IEP committee as a continuum of service placement then a transportation supplement must be completed at the ARD/IEP meeting for student to receive transportation as a related service.


Question: Do all special education students attending an alternative educational placement (APE)  receive SAISD transportation as a related service?

   Answer: NO.

Special education students who were eligible to receive transportation services prior to placement in AEP may continue receiving transportation service.  Students who were not eligible for transportation as a related service prior to placement in AEP are treated as general education students and are responsible for their own transportation.



Question:  Is the ARD/IEP committee required to follow the transportation recommendation from a previous school district?
Answer: NO.
The ARD/IEP needs to consider all factors in determining eligibility for transportation as a related service.