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Internship Placement Options in SAISD


SAISD aims to place interns in areas pertaining to their interests. The following placement options are available:


  • Campus Based Services: Campus based School Social Workers work with students enrolled at the campus. Social workers are involved with students one on one, with parents in support of their child’s attendance and well-being. Because these School Social Workers are based in the campus, they are involved in a variety of campus based activities i.e. parent education, coordinate mentors, etc.
  • Feeder Pattern Services: Seven School Social Workers have been hired to support the greater district with supportive services. Each School Social Worker works within a feeder pattern of schools based on the seven traditional high schools. Services provided are coordinated with other School Social Workers framing a comprehensive approach to the delivery of services. 
  • Fostering Connections: SAISD is working with the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) and the Judiciary System in support of children placed in the foster care system. A School Social Worker has been hired to provide services supporting the removal of educational challenges for this population of students. Services are available district wide. 1700 Tampico, Ste. 111, 78207
  • Early Childhood Education: Mental health and family services are provided together with key community resources/agencies to ensure comprehensive family services to all Head Start participants as per the Head Start law. Services are provided to enhance the student’s early childhood education in preparation for Kindergarten. 643 Holmgreen, 78220
  • Juvenile Detention: A School Social Worker works with students who are incarcerated with the intent of their successful return to their home school supporting student academic success. 600 Mission Rd., 78210
  • McKinney-Vento: The program’s mission is to ensure that all students who are in homeless situations are given the opportunity to enroll, attend and succeed in school by removing barriers. The staff ensures that The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act is incorporated in all district policies, procedures and everyday practices. 1700 Tampico, Ste. 111, 78207
  • Special Education: Special Education - Parent Support Programs staff help to advocate and promote social services that will increase the educational opportunities for all children. Services include: parent trainings, referral services, case management, and community collaboration. 439 Arbor Place, 78207
  • Teen Parenting Program: The Teen Parenting Program provides support services to teen parents to enable pregnant and/or parenting students (male or female) to stay in school, graduate, and learn parenting skills. 623 S Pecos, 78207
  • Family & Student Support Services: As administrative offices for School Social Work in SAISD, this office supports all students indirectly by: providing professional support across programs; coordinating community outreach supporting the various programs; recruitment of social work interns from the various universities, and supporting campus personnel. 1700 Tampico, Ste. 111, 78207
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