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SAISD's Family & Student Support Services includes:


Feeder Pattern & Campus Social Workers


McKinney-Vento/Transitions Program Social Workers


Foster Care Social Worker


School Social Workers work in partnership with children, families, schools, and community members. The program provides child and family support in order to promote their own potential and ability for academic and personal growth. Social workers in SAISD support students to remove barriers and improve academic achievement.


  • Children
    • Improve student achievement
    • Support the physical and mental health of students and families
  • Families
    • Increase involvement between family members and their children
    • Increase parental involvement in schools
  • Schools
    • Increase the number of available and affordable services for neighborhood residents
    • Create a supportive school environment for students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community partners
  • Communities
    • Improve the image of the school in the community
    • Integrate school and community activities

Social Workers are found throughout SAISD in the following programs and departments:

  • Feeder Pattern Schools    
  • Foster Care
  • McKinney-Vento
  • Campus Based
  • Juvenile Probation
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