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SAISD employs social workers throughout various programs and schools that provide direct services to students and families on campuses and in the community. Family & Student Support Services works with the following groups of Social Workers:


Feeder Pattern Social Workers 

The Feeder Pattern Social Workers are available to provide services to ANY student enrolled in the district. These Social Workers provide social and emotional support services to enhance the academic growth of all students. They are a link between the home, the school, and the community. The Social Workers work with all grade levels and receive referrals based on the student's home address or school of attendance. Please visit the Staff page for a listing of the Feeder Pattern Social Workers and the schools that they serve. 


Campus Based Social Workers

A number of SAISD schools have a full-time social worker that is dedicated to working on their campus. For a listing of these social workers and the campuses that they serve, please see the bottom of our Staff page.


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