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For further information contact us at (210) 223-9792 for Local Routes or (210) 733-1347 for Special Needs Routes.

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Student Safety Is important to everyone at SAISD Transportation Department.  That's why it's important for students to Comply with all of the expectations outlined in the SAISD Student Code of Conduct.
Some of these are;
Follow the driver's instructions at all times.
Board and leave the vehicle in an orderly manner at the designated bus stop.
Exhibit good manners toward all others on the bus: do not use profanity, vulgar language, obscene gestures, insults, racial slurs, or exhibit other disruptive or abusive behavior.
Do not fight, push, or have any other inappropriate physical or sexual contact.
Do not exhibit any gang-related behavior, including throwing gang signs, gestures, verbal threats, etc.
Do not possess or use any any alcohol, drugs, weapons, cigarettes, matches, lighters, or flammable substances, etc.on the bus/vehicle.
Remain seated when the vehicle is in motion.
Keep books, band instrument cases, and other objects out of the aisle of the bus.
Keep the vehicle clean; do not deface or vandalize the bus and/or its equipment.
Maintain safety near windows:  do not extend head, hand, arm, or leg out of the window nor hold any object out of the window.
Do not throw any object within the bus/vehicle or out of the bus/vehicle.
Upon leaving the bus/vehicle, use caution before crossing the street.
Please note:  Avoid walking/standing within 20 feet of the front of the bus or 10 feet of any other side of the bus.
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