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Q.   How To Obtain a Student Uniform?

A. Go to the school office your child/ren attend and ask for a Student Clothing Assistance  Application.  Complete front and back, date, sign and leave the application with the school.  The school will verify the student information, administrator will sign, authorize and forward the application to our department. Once our department processes the application , we will send a lettter/voucher to the parent/guardian with instructions.

Q.  Do I complete an application for each child?

A.  No, list all children on one application.

Q.  How long does it take for me to receive a response - voucher?

A.  Two to three weeks.

Q.  How many uniforms can I get per child?

A.  One per child, per school year.

Q.  Where may I go to obtain the uniform?

A.  The information will be mailed to you once the application has been processed.




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