Bond 2010 Project Completions & Major Milestones

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  • Sarah King ES
    Finishing: New campus for King ES, $16.9m
  • Japhet ES
    Finishing: Vastly new facilities for Japhet ES, $18.6m
  • Ogden ES
    Finishing: Colorful new facility for Ogden ES, $18.6m
  • Hirsch ES
    Finishing: New classroom building & more at Hirsch ES, $13.7m
  • Fenwick ES
    Finishing: New classroom building & more at Fenwick ES, $12m
  • Arnold ES
    Finishing: New classroom building & more at Arnold ES, $10.5m
  • Riverside Park ES
    Finishing: New classes & more at Riverside Park, $9.8m
  • Lanier HS
    Finishing: New career building & more at Lanier HS, $34.2m
  • Highlands HS
    Major milestone: Brand-new 3-story classroom building at Highlands HS, with more upgrades to come
  • Burbank HS
    Major milestone: New career building at Burbank HS, more to come
  • Hawthorne Academy
    Completed 2015: Hawthorne Academy, $22.7m in renovations
  • Woodlawn Academy
    Completed 2015: Woodlawn Academy, $12m in renovations.
  • Cotton ES
    Completed 2015: Cotton ES, $11.3m in renovations.
  • Sam Houston HS
    Completed 2015: Sam Houston HS, $17m in renovations.
  • Brackenridge HS
    Completed 2014: Brackenridge HS, $21.1m in renovations.
  • Cameron ES
    Completed 2014: Cameron ES, $12.3m in renovations.
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BrackpeprallywebBrackenridge HS held the District’s first pep rally of the football season Aug. 27, filling the school with Eagle pride and spirit. Games will be played Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays this fall.




PickettAcademywebPickett Academy kicked off the school year with the help of a team of super heroes, pictured here. It was a fun start to the 2015-16 school year, which began Aug. 24.

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