Computer coding offerings expanded this year

SAISD, in partnership with the 80/20 Foundation and the SAISD Foundation, is ramping up course offerings this year for one of the hottest, most desirable workplace skills out there: computer coding. Advanced Coding courses are being offered at Highlands High School this year, and an introductory course is being launched at Mission Academy. Read more

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Tynan Early Childhood Education Center staff, parents and community members turned out Sept. 29 to register for the school's version of "The Biggest Loser" television show and to have their vital statistics taken as they kick off a nine-week weight-loss competition. Participants in this school event, made possible through a number of sponsors and organizations, will weigh in every three weeks.
Consensus All-Americans Gary Green (left), head coach at Sam Houston HS and 1976 All-American at Baylor University, and Gabe Rivera, a Jefferson HS alum and 1982 All-American at Texas Tech University, were recognized Sept. 27 for achieving the honor.
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