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Office of Attendance Accountability - Attendance Support

Attendance Accountability

Dropout Prevention

Graduate!  Avoid the Temptation of
Dropping Out! Let us help you.

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"Get up, Dress up, Show up and never Give up"

Did you know?

  • If a student is chronically absent between Pre-K and 3rd grade they can have trouble reading and can lead to academic struggle in the future
  • Did you know that a student learns how to read before 3rd grade and at 3rd grade and up they are expected to learn what they are reading
  • When a student doesn’t learn how to read by 3rd grade they will most likely fall behind an statistically more likely to drop out of high school
  • All absences are counted toward Chronic Absenteeism (All absences take away education time from your child)
  • If the student has more than 9 absences in 1 class period, he/she can be denied credit
You can also use our Dropout Prevention Resources to study about dropout effects.

Do you know what type of Attendance Support is at the Campus?
Here are some support programs that may be at your campus:


Your student is safer in school and in their class.
Help your child/student/classmate stay aware of chronic absenteeism and stay on the path to graduate.
Free Education is your right and you matter.