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Kinder Corner Archives

Franklin ES
The kinder kids at Franklin Elementary School wrapped up their language arts/reading lesson in a yummy way: making pizzas! Each student created a cookbook that included sequencing (words such as first, then, and last) and pictorial directions. They followed their recipes then enjoyed their snacks.


Cameron ES Foster ES
During their science lesson, the Cameron Elementary kindergarteners learned about the changes that heat can cause to various objects, such as crayons. They created one-of-a-kind masterpieces using a blowdryer, then described what the crayons looked like before and after they were heated. The kindergarten kids from Foster Elementary enjoyed a fun day at the San Antonio Zoo today! They learned about animals and habitats and even got to see the giraffes up close.


Briscoe ES Briscoe ES
Briscoe Academy held a Pop-Up Museum event to celebrate Earth Day at its campus. Pictured is one of the kindergarten science exhibits. Students recycled newspaper to create seed paper, which can be planted in soil. The seeds can still sprout - even after the paper-making process! Check out this team of tiny scientists! Bowden Academy kindergarteners took an outdoor trek to the campus garden to discover some of the microscopic details found in nature. Using their magnifying glasses, they chose an object to record (identify, draw, and describe) in their science log, then shared their individual findings with the rest of the class. Butterflies, seashells, and flowers were class favorites.


Briscoe ES Hirsch ES
Briscoe Elementary is an International Baccalaureate candidate school for the Primary Years Programme. Beginning in kindergarten, the PYP challenges students to think for themselves and explore local and global issues and opportunities in real-life contexts. Last week, Briscoe's kinder students wrote a letter to their cafeteria manager requesting that they cut their pizza slices into smaller pieces, making it easier for the kids to eat them. This was the solution they found to their problem, after learning about Italy and Italian food and relating that back to their everyday experiences. Spring has sprung at Hirsch Elementary! During their science lesson, the kindergarten classes created their very own mini-greenhouses and watched their seeds sprout into plants. It’s Kindergarten Roundup season! Online registration for kindergarten is open to all incoming kids who will be 5 by Sept. 1.


Woodlawn Hills Kinder Steele Montessori Academy
What does Dual Language look like in kindergarten? 80% of the instruction is in Spanish and 20% is in English. Native English-speaking students and native-Spanish speaking students learn in, and about, two languages through socialization and though an engaging, meaningful, and challenging curriculum. During their school day, students receive 120 minutes of Spanish language arts and 40 minutes of English language development instruction. Math and science instruction is delivered in Spanish and social studies is delivered in English. At our new Steele Montessori Academy, Kindergarten and Pre-K students learn at their own pace through hands-on experience and self-directed activity. Each student gets a daily opportunity choose an activity that pertains to language, math, and writing using specialized Montessori materials that support engagement, curiosity, and independence. Learn more about the Steele Montessori program HERE.


Woodlawn Hills Kinder Bonham Academy Kinder
Fall is in full swing at Woodlawn Hills Elementary and M. L. King Academy! This week, kindergarteners at each campus used pumpkins of all sizes for their sensory investigations during their math and science lessons. Take a look at the colorful masks that the Bonham Academy kindergartners created for Dia de Los Muertos! They, along with the rest of the grade levels, created altars and held a Dia de Los Muertos Parade. Bonham Academy is one of our dual language, in-district charter schools - now taking applications.


Smith ES Kinder Hillcrest ES Kinder
As part of their social studies lesson on community helpers, the kinder kids from Smith Elementary visited the San Antonio Fire Department's station #9 where they took a full tour of the fire station and got a closer look at the fire truck and a firefighter’s uniform. During the Picnic Under the Stars event at Hillcrest Elementary, kindergarteners created their own unique sun spots or moon craters with only paper, paint, and a straw! Students and families were also able to look at the moon, stars, and planets through various telescopes provided by volunteers from the San Antonio Astronomical Association.


Lamar ES Kinder Crockett ES Kinder
During Workout Wednesday at Lamar Elementary, students work out their bodies and their minds! Every other Wednesday, the Lamar kindergarteners participate in two of the following enrichment activities: a visit to the Witte Museum, Creativity Corner at their campus, extended P.E. time, or a visit to the Inspire Community Fine Art Center. The Nepohualtzintzin Ethnomathematics Club at Maverick Elementary School has 70+ members and is open to all grades, including kindergarten! During one of their meetings, students used an abacus-like instrument called a nepohualtzintzin (meaning “I count to transcend”) to practice counting and calculating. They also played a traditional Mesoamerican game, very similar to hopscotch. This club is possible through a partnership with UTSA and is available at a few other SAISD campuses, including Crockett Elementary and Douglass Elementary.


Pershing ES Kinder Beacon Hill ES Kinder
Every “Engineering Friday” at Pershing Elementary, students from each grade level work on an a STEM-based, hands-on project. Today, the kindergarteners built models of a wall with various types of mortars. They conducted investigations to assess the strength and efficiency of each mortar and came up with solutions to prevent the wall from breaking down. The kindergarten kids at Beacon Hill Elementary learn as they play! During their Power Hour, each class engages in a hands-on, problem solving activity that’s both fun and educational. The activities shown include the kids using toy trains to learn about magnets and movement, using balloons to learn about force, motion, and energy, and playing “Build a Character” to practice letter recognition, handwriting, and the process of elimination.