DRT selects SAISD educator as ‘Teacher of the Year’


DRT selects SAISD educator as ‘Teacher of the Year’

Students of Barbara Pierce will no doubt never need to be reminded to “Remember the Alamo.” Her innovative teaching methods and infectious love for the Lone Star State’s history will help them to recall their lessons long after they leave her classroom.

Pierce’s enthusiasm and ability to make learning fun is among the reasons she is the Daughters of the Republic Texas’ 2010 Teacher of the Year, an honor that recognizes educators who inspire students to learn the state’s rich history in ways other than a textbook.

The 23-year teaching veteran - 15 of which spent at Sarah King ES - was nominated by DRT member and retired SAISD Department of Social Studies Senior Coordinator Dr. Amy Jo Baker.

Along with letters of recommendation, Pierce’s nomination included her philosophy and passion for teaching 4th-grade Texas history. “I love to teach my students the incredible history of Texas through many hands-on activities, projects, living history reenactments, and literature,” she said. “I enjoy sharing my passion for Texas history, and developing their interest in our state’s foundation, culture and people, and am honored to be recognized by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas as the Texas State history teacher for the Alamo Chapter of the DRT.”

In addition to a cash prize, the award includes a biography of David Crockett, a book of the state’s geography, and a Texas flag flown over the Alamo.