What we offer

What We Offer

SAISD’s century-old legacy of setting high standards for all is as deeply rooted as is our commitment to continuing that proud tradition for generations. Through personalized instruction, exciting real-world activities and the most effective teaching strategies, SAISD instills students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful citizens. We offer parents true school choice in selecting the type of academic environment that best fits their child’s unique learning style. Parents may choose from a more traditional setting to Magnet programs and internal charters that specialize in a particular theme or subject matter. Our more than 54,000 students attend:

- Eight traditional high schools, grades 9-12

- Two specialized college preparatories

- 14 middle schools, grades 6-8 including four in-district charter schools

- Five pre-kinder to grade 8 academies, including four in-district charter schools

- 53 elementaries, grades pre-kinder to 5, including four in-district charter schools

- Four non-traditional schools

- 11 secondary schools hosting Magnet programs


• Travis Early College High School. Offered at no cost, in partnership with San Antonio College, this academically-advanced environment is deisgned to immerse students in a culture of higher education. Starting in 2008-09 with 9th-graders, students can earn an associate's degree and/or up to 60 hours, or two years of college credit, toward a bachelor's degree upon high school graduation. The school will expand to grade 12 by 2011.


• Young Women’s Leadership Academy. Young women in grades 6-7 are inaugurating this college preparatory for the 2008-09 school year. The focus of San Antonio's first all-girls public school is on math, science, and technology, along with college preparation, career development, and community involvement. The academy will expand to grade 12 by 2013.


• Early Childhood Education. Qualified youngsters starting at age 3 are afforded the firm academic foundation necessary for life-long success through this full-day program available at all SAISD elementaries and pre-kinder to grades 5-8 academies.


• Full Day Kindergarten is provided at all SAISD elementaries and pre-kinder to grade 8 academies.

• Free breakfast and lunch for students who qualify.

• Pre-kinder to Grade 8 Academies. Five schools are taking a lesson from the past to create a learning experience that's thoroughly modern by serving both elementary- and middle school-age youngsters at the same campus.

• In-District Charter Schools.  Youngsters, 'tweens and teens can start cultivating the talents and abilities that could lead to future careers while receiving challenging academics at any of the District’s charters. This designation allows open enrollment throughout Bexar County, and permits these schools flexibility to develop programs specifically designed for their students’ unique learning styles.

• The Magnets. The future is now for students enrolled in the SAISD's Magnet programs where hands-on experiences and advanced academics provide opportunities to explore tomorrow’s careers. The District hosts high school and middle school level Magnet programs offering specialties including health professions, the International Baccalaureate Diploma, business and finance, law, media productions, multilingual studies, and science, engineering and technology.

• College Readiness. SAISD perpetuates a culture in which higher education isn’t just an option; it’s expected. A number of programs and partnerships are helping students prepare, including:

- Advancement Via Individual Determination to provide a college
preparatory path.

- Advanced Placement for teens wanting to earn college credit while in
high school.

- ChemBridge, a collaboration between the University of Texas at
Austin and all SAISD high schools allowing students to receive
three hours of college chemistry credit while earning concurrent
high school credit for an advanced science class.

- College Connections, a partnership with the Alamo Community
Colleges and all SAISD high schools through which students may
apply online to an ACC school from their home campuses.
Enrollment is guaranteed.

- Project STAY San Antonio, a non-profit college placement service

- Project Phoenix based at St. Philip’s College Southwest Campus
where students earn dual high school and college credit.