To All District Employees:

To All District Employees:

Policy DEC (LOCAL) regarding Compensation and Benefits, Leaves and Absences was revised and adopted by the Board of Trustees on Monday, June 21, 2010.  Please familiarize yourself with the changes in policy by clicking on the link below to view the revised policy. 
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Some of the major changes include the following:

•The sick leave bank has been expanded to include absences related to the catastrophic illness or injury of an immediate family member rather than just the employee’s illness.  The employee must be a member of the sick leave bank to be eligible.

•The recently adopted Accumulated Leave Attendance Incentive Plan (REIMBURSEMENT UPON SEPARATION) has been added to the policy.

•Medical certification must be submitted if the employee is absent more than five consecutive workdays because of personal illness or illness in the immediate family.

•An ABSENCE CONTROL provision has been added in order to provide the employee “full disclosure” of the possible repercussions that will result if an employee is not compliant with policy requirements and procedures.

If you should have any questions regarding the changes to the policy, please contact the Employee Benefits and Risk Management department at 554-8667.