Possible exposure to tuberculosis at Neal Elementary School

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Possible exposure to tuberculosis at Neal Elementary School

SAN ANTONIO, Jan. 6, 2011 – SAISD has been notified by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District that some students and staff at Neal Elementary School may have been exposed to TB (tuberculosis) during the past few months.  Of the 655 faculty and students, 25 people were potentially exposed. 

Health authorities believe the individual was at low risk of transmitting tuberculosis to other individuals. Students and staff identified by Metro Health as being possibly at risk of exposure will be screened as a precautionary measure. 

Neal Elementary School faculty were made aware of the situation this morning.  Parents of the students who were possibly exposed were contacted by phone through SAISD’s automated phone system, and Metro Health is following up with letters to those possibly at-risk students and staff about TB screening. An informational letter and TB fact sheet is being sent home today with all Neal ES students.

Informational meetings with parents will be held to answer questions and explain procedures being taken to protect the health of our community. Parents may also contact their personal health providers.

Tuberculosis is an illness caused by bacteria resulting in infection that typically affects the lungs. Information from the American Pulmonary Association states, “It is not easy to contract an infection of tuberculosis.” Usually, a person must have close contact with the infected person for a substantial length of time.  Tuberculosis is easily prevented and cured with medication.



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