SAISD progresses, earns Acceptable state rating

SAISD progresses, earns Acceptable state rating
Completion rate increases significantly, overall and by student group

July 29, 2011 – The Texas Education Agency today released 2011 accountability ratings, issuing the District as a whole a rating of Academically Acceptable and reinforcing what educators had already begun to observe: SAISD is making progress.

That Acceptable rating, upgraded from Academically Unacceptable, is the result of a significant increase in the percentage of students graduating or continuing their education for a fifth year in high school and improved performance on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.

It became more difficult this year to obtain that rating because of tougher standards and the elimination of a provision, called the Texas Projection Measure, that helped school districts across the state achieve higher ratings last year.

“We are by no means satisfied with an Academically Acceptable District rating. We are aiming for a much higher ceiling,” Superintendent Robert Durón said, “but we recognize the tremendous work by our teachers, students, administrators and staff in helping us to realize this progress. These are promising results.”

Three campuses maintained the highest state rating of Exemplary; 26 were Recognized and 47 were Academically Acceptable.

The District demonstrated significant progress in its Completion rate thanks to a focused effort on reducing dropouts and reconnecting with individuals who had already left the school system. The Completion rate, which was the reason the District did not achieve an Academically Acceptable rating last year, is the number of students who graduated high school within four years or continued on for a fifth year of high school. 

The Completion rate for all students increased to 84% from 78%, an increase of 6 percentage points between the Class of 2009 and Class of 2010. Class of 2011 data will not be reported by the state until next year.

Increases for individual student groups were significant, as well. The Completion rates for:
  • African American students increased by 10 percentage points to 81%.
  • Hispanic students increased by 6 percentage points to 84%.
  • White students increased by 12 percentage points to 83%.
  • Economically Disadvantaged students increased by 7 percentage points to 88%.

The District also saw academic progress in 2010-11. Performance for all students on the math portion of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, or TAKS, was 73% and for science was 72% -- the highest passing rates SAISD has had in those subjects since TAKS began in 2003. SAISD also remains Recognized in reading and writing. Social studies performance remained at the Exemplary level.

The state raised the bar for determining ratings this year. TAKS results for special education students who took alternative forms of the test (TAKS-Modified and TAKS-Alternate) were included in the ratings, and the state increased math and science passing standards by 5 percentage points, putting them at 65% for math and 60% for science.

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