Response to Edison-Alamo Heights Game Incident

Response to Edison-Alamo Heights Game Incident

March 7, 2012

SAISD has received a number of responses related to the incident last weekend at the Edison- Alamo Heights basketball game, both critical and in support.  We very much appreciate the response from Alamo Heights High School – their coach and one of their administrators quickly put a stop to chants from some of their students after the game.

Some question why a chant of “USA” is wrong. It is not wrong in the appropriate context. Often it is heard at international events in support of our country versus another.  If this chant was commonplace – chanted regularly at games with other high schools – it would not be an issue. In this case, it was targeted at a school that is predominantly Hispanic. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have had this experience. A similar incident occurred last year with one of our schools and another school district where their students chanted “USA USA” and “Arizona Arizona,” around the time that there was heated discussion about the immigration law in that state.   

That previous experience played a role in our decision to file an incident report with UIL.

“It is normal practice to file a report when issues occur during or after an athletic event. We have a responsibility to our students, parents and the SAISD community to follow up,” said Interim Superintendent Dr. Sylvester Perez.

We have full respect for how the Alamo Heights school district has handled this incident. The issue has been addressed and both Districts have responded. SAISD does not want to exacerbate this issue. The Edison High School principal has announced to his students and staff that the school is moving forward, and looks toward building on the good relationship between the schools.

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