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Redistricting background

Redistricting school board districts

SAISD hired the firm of Powell & Leon, LLP to provide redistricting services based on the 2010 Census, to determine if SAISD needed to redraw its current single member trustee districts to ensure they contain substantially equal population to conform to state and federal law.

The District has received an initial assessment on the population growth in the trustee districts, and it appears that there is an imbalance in two of the areas – Single Member Districts 3 and 5.  As a result, the Board will undertake efforts to adjust the boundaries to bring the populations into appropriate balance.

The initial assessment specifically states:

“According to 2010 census data, each of San Antonio ISD’s seven single member districts has an ideal population size of 43,942 persons. The most populous district, District 3, has 48,766 persons, while the least populous district, District 5, has 41,495 persons. Thus, the total deviation of population among the largest and smallest of the seven single member districts is 16.55%, just in excess of 10%, the maximum deviation permitted. Therefore, redistricting of trustee districts is necessary to conform to the “one person, one vote” principle of the United States Constitution.”

To the right you will find links to documents regarding the initial assessment and resolutions approved by the Board of Trustees.  Additional documents will be added as the process continues.  Please note that community meetings will be held once the draft maps are developed.

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