SAISD Bond 2010 kicks off construction phase

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SAISD Bond 2010 kicks off construction phase

Sept. 25, 2012 -- Joined by Cameron Elementary students wearing yellow construction hats, Board Trustee James Howard and Cameron Principal Pamela Walls-Tankerson waved the official start flag and signaled the giant rig to begin drilling into the ground in preparation for the laying of the foundation for the school’s new two-story building. As other participants, including Interim Superintendent Sylvester Perez cheered, this special ceremony kicked off the construction phase of the SAISD Bond 2010 program.

On Nov. 2, 2010, SAISD voters approved a $515 million bond to make much-needed renovations and upgrades to schools across the District. Along with safety and security upgrades for 68 schools, classroom computers, playgrounds and athletic tracks, 22 campuses receive major renovations.

Cameron is the first of the schools slated for major renovations to begin construction, with anticipated project completion in the fall of 2013. Bond projects are progressing steadily, and over the next few months the community will see crews preparing for construction and breaking ground at other schools receiving renovations.

The 22 campuses receiving major renovations under Bond 2010 are:

13 primary schools: Bonham and Hawthorne academies, and Arnold, Cameron, Cotton, Fenwick, Hirsch, Japhet, Ogden, Riverside Park, Rogers, Sarah King, and Woodlawn elementary schools.

9 secondary schools: Longfellow MS, and Burbank, Brackenridge, Edison, Fox Tech, Highlands, Sam Houston, Jefferson, and Lanier high schools.

Cameron will receive an investment of $12.3 million as part of the Bond 2010 program. After the renovations and additions, the size of the school will increase more than 60 percent – from the current 46,200 square feet to approximately 75,000 square feet.

The design team of Metaform Architects and Dillard Architect Group approached this project focused on a theme of unity. Physically, the buildings will be constructed in such a way that they unify the campus, making it one seamless building. Students will enter the school from either side and converge in the 2

“mall,” an open area that leads to a grand staircase, connecting the main offices and classrooms.

The design will also help serve the school as a gathering place for meetings and small community events: a campus that elevates the learning environment for students while at the same time is an extension of the surrounding neighborhood.

Cameron Elementary Design Highlights:

- Vibrant colors will be used throughout the campus, and the design will make use of natural lighting and windows.

- The most notable visual change to the building will be the new entrance, a modern look that combines metal and glass.

- Additional square footage will provide for more classrooms, a completely renovated cafeteria kitchen with walk-in refrigerators, coolers, and a new stage in the cafetorium.

- A greater portion of the campus will be two story, and will have much-needed music and art labs with sinks, a kiln and storage space.

- All classrooms will be equipped with the latest technology.

- All special education classrooms will be renovated and incorporated among the other classrooms. Special ed will also receive a life skills classroom with kitchenette and large restroom.

- The renovations will include an expanded and completely refurbished library.

- All current portable buildings will be removed from the campus.

- The school will comply with TEA requirements and will be ADA accessible throughout the campus.

- Currently, the only drop-off and pick-up location for buses and parents is on Belgium Lane. This causes severe congestion. With the renovations, this will be eliminated. The bus location will move to the west side of the school, across from the teacher and visitor parking and the parent pick-up/drop-off will be located on the east side of the school – all diverting traffic from Belgium Lane.

- The renovations will also double the current amount of parking spaces for teachers and visitors.

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