November Board of Trustees Photo

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Oct_Ed Garza @ Maverick Read for the Record

Board President Ed Garza Reads for the Record to students at Maverick ES.

Oct_Ruben Cuero @ Bonham Academy Read for the Record

Board Vice President Rubén Cuero Reads for the Record to students at Bonham Academy.

Oct_Olga Hernandez @ USDA event

Trustee Olga Hernandez at Woodlawn ES at 'The School Day Just Got Healthier’ pep rally.

Oct_employee memorial ceremony_Adela Segovia

Trustee Adela Segovia speaking at employee memorial ceremony.

Oct_Patti Radle @ S King CPS Mentors news conf

Trustee Patti Radle at S King ES for the CPS Mentors news conference.

Oct_James Howard @ Cameron groundbreaking 


Trustee James Howard at Cameron ES groundbreaking ceremony.


Oct_Debra Guerrero@Highlands HS tailgate party

Trustee Debra Guerrero at Highlands HS tailgate party.