New boundaries set for five School Board districts

New boundaries set for five School Board districts

A proposal to redraw Trustee Districts 1,2,3,4 and 5 has been approved by the Department of Justice, and voters affected by the changes will receive updated information from the Bexar County Voter Registrar in preparation of the May 11 School Board election.

The redistricting was in response to population changes reflected in the 2010 Census, and the plan was designed to comply with state and federal laws requiring school districts to review populations within each single-member district after census data is released.

Based upon this, there was a greater than 10 percent difference between the most populated District 3, served by Debra Guerrero and District 5, the least populated. District 5 Trustee is Patti Radle.

The proposal approved by the DOJ originally was known as Draft Map B-1.  It was one of two plans presented at a series of meetings last fall, garnering the support of Trustees and community members alike.

The other, Draft Map A, would have redrawn Districts 3, 4 and 5. Both were developed by the firm of Powell & Leon, LLP, which conducted an analysis of the populations within the single-member districts.

Changes by SAISD schools:

Nine SAISD campuses now are also in different Trustee districts:

District 1
Bowden ES (previously District 2)
Douglass ES (previously District 2)
Pickett Academy (previously District 2)

District 2
Smith ES (previously District 3)

District 4
Briscoe ES (previously District 1)
Harris MS (previously District 1)
Herff ES (previously District 2)

District 5
Storm ES (previously District 4)

For more information go to the Redistricting webpage.

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