District kicks off Chicken Dance Radio Ads for Bus Drivers

District kicks off Chicken Dance Radio Ads for Bus Drivers

June 17, 2013 -- SAISD is hoping an innovative campaign combining the irresistible charm of children with a catchy classic will provide a leg up on the statewide competition for school bus drivers.

Coming to the airwaves in June – starting today -- are radio ads inspired by the Swiss-originated and now South Texas party-staple "Chicken Dance."

The District is looking to fill 47 needed bus driver and bus driver assistant vacancies for the upcoming school year (15 bus drivers and 32 bus driver assistants).

In the 30-second radio spots and video, Hawthorne Academy choir students sing rewritten lyrics to the beat of the oom-pah song, while Irving Middle School Mariachi students and the Twain Middle School Mariachi teacher, Frank Garcia, play the instrumental beat of the Chicken Dance.

The campaign is led by Darlene Volz, the District’s Administrative and Classified Officer for Human Resources.

“I wanted to create a form of advertising that would draw attention to our critical need for bus drivers in a unique way and let the community know how rewarding and fun it is to be a school bus driver,” Volz said.

The radio ads will play between June 17 and August 2 on two San Antonio stations, KAJA 97 FM (Country) and KXXM 96.1 FM (Pop). The spots will also air on iHeartRadio. 

To help promote the ad, the District’s Communications department has produced a video ad that will air on the District web site, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube Channel.

Anyone interested in the SAISD bus driver openings can apply online at www.saisd.net and click on the careers tab. Or applicants can call the District Human Resources department at 210-554-8440.

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