Have a Thank You ready for parents today

Dr. Sylvester Perez1

November 21, 2013

Dear SAISD Staff,

Every day we work to involve, engage and empower our parents and caregivers –  our key partners in education – to build a strong educational environment for our students. We appreciate their efforts year-round, but especially today, on National Parent Involvement Day. It’s a day set aside to celebrate those parents and caregivers who have taken time and energy to get involved in their child’s education in any and every way they can.

Today, various campuses are hosting activities that celebrate parents and caregivers to say THANK YOU! We want to thank them for their commitment to all the students in SAISD. Parents and caregivers are partnering with us to make sure that every child stays in school, has a positive learning environment and has a plan to graduate and succeed in life. We value their partnership both during and outside of the school day, from helping to laminate classroom materials or chaperoning a field trip to the at-home learning that is so crucial, such as reading to their children or engaging them in activities that reinforce what the students have learned in the classroom. Parent involvement can and should look different at each one of our campuses because every neighborhood is unique, with its own rich history, but the key is that there is parent involvement at the school.

So today, please take time to thank the parents/caregivers at your campus for all that they do in our schools and communities. We cannot do this work alone. We need, want and applaud all of our parents in helping us to carry out our mission.


Dr. Sylvester Perez

"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."  – Lily Tomlin


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