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    High expectations from the very start / Altas expectativas desde el principio
  • About SAISD Slide 2
    Teachers who care about and support our students / Maestros que se preocupan por los estudiantes y los apoyan
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    Parents who are our most valuable partners / Padres que son nuestros socios más valiosos
  • About SAISD Slide 4
    A broad range of educational settings / Una amplia gama de entornos educativos
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    Cutting-edge technology for future-ready skills / Tecnología innovadora para habilidades necesarias para el futuro
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    Opportunities for teamwork and leadership / Oportunidades para el trabajo en equipo y el liderazgo
  • About SAISD Slide 7
    A valued and celebrated culture / Una cultura valorada y celebrada

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About Us

Located deep in the heart of the Alamo City for more than 100 years, SAISD is Bexar County’s third-largest school district, serving more than 50,000 students.

Because SAISD recognizes that education is not a "one size fits all" package, we offer more choices than any other Bexar County-area school district for students to pursue special interests and career goals, as well as learning environments that best meet their individual needs. 

We offer a wide variety of programs, including dual-language and bilingual, career exploration and college-preparation. Along with traditional school models, we also offer academies comprising non-traditional grade ranges such as PK-8.

Non-boundary choices include magnet programs and specialized schools with diverse areas of focus and innovative methods of instruction.

Unique to SAISD are the city’s only public Montessori school, only public all-girls and all-boys schools, only 100 percent dual-language schools, and the only District to offer the renowned international baccalaureate program at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

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