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New Teacher Support System

The SAISD provides a comprehensive induction system for novice teachers for a two-year period. Research indicates that new teachers who receive systematic support will be better prepared to teach effectively and positively impact student performance at a faster rate than teachers who do not receive this support.

One component of the NTSS, is a New Teacher Mentor Program. Mentoring is a sustained relationship between the novice teacher and an experienced teacher that serves to provide help, support, and information through which the novice teacher can grow professionally. New hires (teachers with three or more years experience, but new to the district) are provided a "Buddy" who helps to acclimate the teacher to the district and campus. These pairings promote teachers' professional growth in curricula and classroom management, and helps the district retain talented individuals who serve all SAISD students at the highest level.

If you have questions about the New Teacher Support System, please contact the Office of Talent Management at 210-554-2630.