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Student Engagement Facilitator & Burbank Cluster Campuses

Office of Attendance Accountability

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Burbank Cluster

Burbank Student Engagement Facilitator
Student Engagement Facilitator
Rosendo Lopez
210-228-1210 ext. 32037
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I have worked with SAISD since December of 1997. I began as a Social Worker at Lanier High School. Four years later, I became a part of the Attendance Officers. Since beginning my work with schools, I have learned the value of working with others. I also have learned to respect every student’s potential; I appreciate the efforts of parents to educate their children.

I am married (42 years) and have two children, both educators, one a
teacher and the other a counselor. I am a graduate of the University of Houston and the University of Texas (MSSW). I enjoy continued learning, by teaching social work students at OLLU. I also enjoy helping others through work at the county hospital. I love art, running and travel. I love spending time with a good book, and being around family. I am nearing retirement, and hope to continue serving others as a minister and missionary.

High School: Burbank*
Middle Schools: Harris, Lowell
Early Childhood Centers: Knox
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*Student Engagement Facilitator (Housed)