Library Media Services

Library and Media Services

406 Barrera St.
Room #8
San Antonio, Texas 78210
210-554-2645 (phone)
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Library Media Services oversees the District's library system, promoting information literacy,
problem-solving and reading enrichment through flexible access to ample print, non-print,
and digital media. The library serves as a readily available information hub for guided,
strategic use of all media, with sufficient resources to support the curriculum and encourage
life-long learners and readers.

Core Beliefs

Collaboration - Meaningful planning with all stakeholders
Leadership & Advocacy - Promotes and supports intellectual freedom; Involvement in school
and community
Instruction - Fosters life-long learning; Supports curriculum using best instructional practices
Relationships - Initiates and Maintains positive, professional and ethical relationships with
Professional Learning - Models life-long learning; Actively participates in professional
learning and organizations that enhance instruction

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