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District Grants

Grants Development & Administration 406 Barrera St.
Portable 724
San Antonio, Texas 78210
210-554-2535 (phone)
210-228-3131 (fax)
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The District Grants Department is responsible for providing SAISD with
the opportunity to participate in grant programs through federal, state, local and private
sources. The department’s duties include:
  • Identifying funding sources and opportunities;
  • Developing grants through custom-designed technical assistance;
  • Facilitating design team meetings;
  • Monitoring grant projects and assisting project managers;
  • Providing a central location for development and dissemination of grants information;
  • Assisting with grant compliance for federal, state, and other funding; and
  • Distributing updates to Cabinet members, keeping them informed of recently awarded
    programs, proposals under development, and upcoming