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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Definition

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is a whole-child approach that integrates academic, behavioral, and social-emotional instruction and support. MTSS optimizes student growth through a proactive, preventative framework comprised of multiple layers, or tiers, aligned to the varying needs of our students. Tier 1 effective school-wide systems and differentiated core instruction, Tier 2 targeted intervention, and Tier 3 intense and individualized intervention form the pillars of this integrated continuum of student supports (Buffom, Mattos, & Weber, 2010).

As a framework, MTSS establishes intentionality and efficient organization of all district and campus services offered for both students and staff. It aligns our work and facilitates a focus on collaboration, growth, and multi-faceted approaches to student support. With implementation fidelity, MTSS has the power to close achievement gaps and address the critical needs of all students including those served by special programs such as Bilingual, Gifted and Talented (GT), English Language Learners (ELL), 504/Dyslexia, and Special Education.