Facilities Services

Facilities Services

Planning & Construction
1702 N. Alamo St. Suite 307
, San Antonio, Texas 78215
Phone: 210-554-2420  |  Fax: 210-271-3330

Maintenance & Operations
1110 Austin St., San Antonio, TX 78208
Phone: 210-354-9300  |  Fax: 210-225-6852

1111 Austin St., San Antonio, TX 78208
Phone: 210-227-0175  | Fax: 210-227-0177

The Facilities Services Department provides SAISD schools and support facilities with a
functional and safe physical environment for students, teachers, staff and visitors. The
department is responsible for facility planning, construction, building and grounds
maintenance, custodial support, pest management, environmental services, real estate
acquisitions and sales, and leasing, rentals and use of SAISD facilities.

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