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Bond 2016

Governance Board of Education

The Board of Education is the primary governing body for the 1997 and 2001 bond programs.
In this capacity, the Board has selected the construction management structure to facilitate the
implementation of bond programming. The Board of Trustees give final approval of schematic
designs, bids, contracts, and expenditures.


The Superintendent provides oversight, advice and authority in the implementation of the bond

Citizens Oversight Committee

The Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) monitors and observes the plans and processes of the
bond programs to assure the Board and public that the representations made to secure passage
of the bond programs are met. The COC currently has 23 members, representing every district
within SAISD and business and community organizations. COC members are appointed by
District Trustees.

The COC meets monthly to discuss the current status of bond projects. COC meetings are open
to the public, and offer an opportunity for other citizens to share comments with the Committee.
Meeting notifications and summaries can be found in the Bond Calendar on the Reports page of
this site.

Construction Management Department

The Construction Management Department, led by Kamal ElHabr, Associate Superintendent for
Facilities Services, is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the bond programs, such
as the development and implementation of project delivery strategies and procurement plans,
management of Team Leaders and architects, contract administration, and enforcement of
quality construction and timely progress. As such, the CMD has the authority and responsibility
for all management decisions regarding the bond programs except for that authority specifically
retained by the Board and Superintendent.

If you have any Bond Related questions, please call (210) 299-5799.

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