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Human Resources Staff

Toni Thompson

Toni Thompson
Associate Superintendent, Human Resources
Senior Executive Secretary, Jacqueline Landa - (210) 554-8410
-Oversight for Personnel Services
-Oversight for Policies, Procedures and Public Information
-Oversight for Employee Benefits & Risk Management
-Title VII Officer
-Consultation Groups
-Legal Issues
-Building Steward
-Administrative Screening Process
-Board Level Hearings


Christopher D. Martinez
Director, Employee Relations
Secretary, Monica Soliz - (210) 554-8450
-Employee complaints
-Employee Discipline
-Termination, Mediation and Grievances
-Subpoenas and Legal Issues
-SBEC Reports
-Assist with Training & Professional Development
-Administrative Leave Management
-Criminal Background Reviews


Margaret Eck
Director, Compensation & Systems Management
Secretary, Marissa Garza - (210) 554-8460
-Position Management
-School Consolidation
-Staffing Efficiency
-Job Classification
-Department Metrics & Surveys
-Position Funding
-Service Records
-Verification of Employment
-Enrollment Cap & Share
-Workday Calendar Coordinator

Cynthia Solis

Cynthia Solis
Director, Administrative Services
Secretary, Leticia Espinosa - (210) 554-8455
-Employee Certification / Licensure Requirements for Campus and Non-Campus Based
-Staffing / Assignments / Reassignments for Campus and Non-Campus Based
-Employee Appraisal Systems for Campus and Non-Campus Based
-Transfer Procedures for Campus and Non-Campus Based
-End of Year Excess Process for Campus and Non-Campus Based
-Public Education Information Management Systems
-Every Student Succeeds Act
-Employee Recognition

Arnoldo Gutierrez

Arnoldo Gutierrez
Director, Employment Services
Secretary, Valerie Alcalá - (210) 554-8520
-Hiring Professional (Admin/Admin Support)
-Maintaining job descriptions
-Posting approved employment positions
-Screening Committees
-Oversight for Hiring Areas (paraprofessional, substitute, and classified recruitment and hiring)
-Criminal Background Checks
-Manage Part-Time Hiring & Substitutes (professional)
-Monitor the acquisition of requisite documents to complete each new professional employee's file
-Employee Complaints
-Monitor effectiveness measures for all areas related to hiring

Nadine Espinosa

Nadine Espinosa
Administrative Officer, Classified Employees
Secretary, Griselda Ornelas - (210) 554-8442
-Recruitment & Hiring for Food & Child Nutrition Services, Plant Services,
 Transportation & Police Department
-Clearing Files
-Job Announcements
-Screening Committees for Classified Positions
-Position Management – Classified Employees
- CHRIs for Classified Employees
-Investigations, Documentation & EEO Complaints
-Employee Complaints
-Classified Consultation
-Training & Staff Development
-Hiring Metrics

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Sylvia Rendon - Interim
Administrative Officer, Paraprofessionals & Substitutes
Secretary, Laura Trevino - (210) 554-8470
-Recruitment & Hiring for Paraprofessionals, Substitutes and Part-Time Employees
-Clearing Files
-Job Announcements
-Position Management – Paraprofessional Employees
-CHRIs for Paraprofessionals, Substitutes and Part-Time Employees
-Investigations, Documentation & EEO Complaints
-Paraprofessional Consultation
-Training & Staff Development
-Hiring Metrics

Jason Pirruccello

Jason Pirruccello
Director, Policies, Procedures & Public Information
Secretary, Adriana De Leon - (210) 554-8480
-Board Policies
-Administrative Procedures
-Records Retention
-Employee & Department Handbooks
-Parent/Student Handbook
-Document Management
-Public Information/Open Records Requests
-Department Writer/Editor


Lorena Rios
Director, Employee Benefits, Risk Management & Safety
Secretary, Leticia Antu - (210) 554-8669
-Employee Benefits
-Risk Management
-Leave of Absence Administration
-Unemployment Claim Administration
-Procurement of all Insurance Products/Services
-Risk Financing Analysis & Projections
-Teacher Retirement System
-Worker Compensation
-Safety Program
-Driver Records

David Gracia

David Gracia
Administrative Officer, Employee Benefits, Risk Management & Safety
-Assist and support office operations and personnel management
-Budget analysis and forecasting support
-Unemployment Claim Administration
-Teacher Retirement System
-Safety Program
-Driver Records