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Human Resources - New Employee Information

San Antonio Independent School District is proud of the benefits package offered to our employees.
Please take time to review all of the information contained in this enrollment guide. We hope that
you will find this material useful in making your benefit elections. Benefits for newly hired employees
are effective on the first day of employment.

Eligibility Requirements

All employees, unless out on unpaid leave, are eligible for the benefits described in this benefit guide.
In addition to enrolling yourself, you may also enroll any eligible depenents. An eligible dependent is
one of the following (you may be required to provide proof at any time):

  • Spouse: 
    • A person  to whom you are legally married to
  • Child:
    • A person who is yours by birth or legal adoption,
    • Your spouse's child by birth or legal adoption,
    • One whose medical care is the legal obligation of your or your spouse as per court order or
      court approved requirement,
    • The subject of child support order that recognizes the right of that person to receive benefits
      under your medical coverage, issued by a court or administrative agency of any US State
      or US Territory,
    • A grandchild in the court-ordered custody of you or your spouse, or
    • A person in the guardianship of you or your spouse.
  • In order for a child to be considered eligible, he/she must also be:
    • A legal dependent child under the age of 26
  • Disabled Dependent:
    • A child who is unmarried and is dependent on you or your spouse as a result of mental or
      physical incapacity, or
    • A child who is disabled prior to reaching to maximum ages allowed under the Plan.