Taking applications now through Jan. 31, 2018 for Choice Schools and Magnet Programs.
Apply online for 2018-19 school year at  https://saisdchoice.com/.

Summer School

Program Information

To see a list of dates, times, sites, and a description of activities for each program, click on the
following links.

Summer School Helpful Links (SAISD Employees Only)

Helpful resources for SAISD Summer School Employees!

Student Success Initiative for Principals (SAISD Employees Only)

Click here for a list of resources and forms included in the SSI/GPC process.


Contact your child's counselor for information on program eligibility and enrollment.

Food Services

Breakfast and lunch will be available to all participating summer school students free of charge.
Meals will be served in the school's cafeteria, and the time for meals will vary by summer program.

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