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Dropout Prevention Resources

Why Dropping out of school is a BAD idea!

Life is hard enough for a young student to stay in school, become the difference in a young person's life. There are several reasons “Why Students Drop Out”, and we should look into “Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School, According to Their Own Reports” and make a difference.

Did you know?
  • It is harder for a high school dropout to hold a job/career
  • Almost 70% of the Americas prison population are dropouts and 80% can’t read
  • A high majority of dropouts live in poverty
  • A small study was provided and 75% of dropouts, regretted the decision to dropout
Use our Dropout Prevention Resources to study about dropout effects.

(These data points can be found in the articles under the dropout prevention resources)


Save your self and ask for help. There are always alternatives for you. Help your child/student/classmate and bring awareness to prevent dropping out. Free Education is your right and you matter.

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