Facilities Services - Planning & Construction Services

Facilities Planning

  • Develop master plan for facilities by conducting facility programmatic and conditional assessment
  • Develop programming standards and guidelines for building and grounds and furnishings
  • Develop school capacities analysis
  • Assist campuses/departments manage hazardous chemicals and waste streams
  • Provide land acquisition services
  • Provide technical expertise in architecture and engineering


  • Develop student projections for growth and movement throughout the district
  • Develop and present demographic boundaries


  • Facilites Information Systems
  • School Attendance Boundary Analysis
  • Demographic Projections (with Research and Evaluation)
  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Facility Program Assessment
  • Site and Building Design Guidelines
  • Facility Programming
  • School Capacity Analysis
  • Space Utilization Rates
  • Facility Improvement Planning
  • Improvement Plan Scheduling and Cost Estimating
  • Support for Bond Program Initiatives
  • Land Acquisition and Disposal
  • Surplus Portable Facility Disposal
  • Rental of Facilities
  • Land Development Services
    • Site Clearing and Utilities
    • Property Surveys
    • Geotechnical and Environmental Studies
    • Platting

Facilities Construction

Project Management

  • Manage all aspects of the project delivery such as design, procurement, construction and commissioning
  • Coordinate all contracts related to professional and construction
  • Develop overall facility improvement scheduling

Facilities Initatives

  • Develop district facility initiatives such as capital improvement
  • Provide support to schools and departments support improvements to include cost estimating, drafting
    and technical support

Resource Management

  • Employ and retain a high level of expertise to support excellence in Planning & Construction
  • Continually evaluate the facility readiness and life cycle management of each facility
  • Manage the District hazard communication program
  • Closely monitor and control project budgets
  • Manage overall budgets of the department to achieve desired outcomes
  • Provide necessary training to improve staff expertise
  • Continually seek out opportunities for improvement

Environmental Programs


  • Maintain the District and campus specific asbestos programs
  • Investigate and work to eliminate indoor air quality problems
  • Manage the District hazard communication program
  • Assist campuses/departments manage hazardous chemicals and waste streams
  • Manage residential demolition activities
  • Manage waste tank and soil removal
  • Provide environment training, and technical assistance