Facilities Services - Asbestos Program


Assistant Director Environmental Health & Safety

Ismael (Rick) Pena
Asbestos / Environmental Technician - Texas DSHS licensed asbestos inspector & supervisor
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Asbestos Management Plans (AMPs)

  • Are required to be on-site and available to staff, parents/guardians, and contract workers.
  • Are specific for each campus and are maintained in a red binder either within the campus library,
    main office or other designated (accessible) location.
  • Includes:
    • Tab 1: AMP notifications including the campus availability notice
    • Tab 2: Latest 3-year asbestos re-inspection
    • Tab 3: Six-month asbestos surveillance reports
    • Tab 4: Asbestos sample reports / ACM sample logs
    • Tab 5: Training certificates for SAISD Texas licensed / trained personnel
    • Tab 6: Response activities involving the abatement or repair of ACM
    • Tab 7: A CD with the all the campus asbestos related documentation including but not limited
      to: the original asbestos inspection, records of past 3-year asbestos re-inspections, past 6-month
      asbestos surveillance, past asbestos abatement work, etc.
  • Should be consulted prior to any maintenance, remodeling, and/or renovation work at the campus
    that may disturb known or suspect asbestos-containing material (ACM).
  • Are reviewed and updated as at least every three years. Environmental Programs personnel are
    responsible for providing campus AMP updates.

Asbestos 3-yr Re-Inspections / 6 Mo. Surveillance

  • Campuses with known or suspect asbestos-containing material (ACM) will be re-inspected every
    three years by a Texas licensed asbestos inspector.
  • The head custodian and/or his/her designee will perform (and document) a surveillance of all
    accessible ACM. This surveillance with be performed and documented every April 13th and
    October 13th.
    • Damaged ACM should be noted on the surveillance form as well as the work order number
      issues to correct the problem.
    • Ensure work orders involving known or suspect ACM are reported as asbestos work orders.
    • A scanned or faxed copy should be sent to Environmental Programs and the original report
      placed in Tab 3 of the campus AMP.

Asbestos Training

New custodial and maintenance staff receive an initial two-hour asbestos awareness training class
(as required by 40 CFR 763.92). Asbestos program updates are provided to custodial staff annually.