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SAISD Police Non-Uniformed Services

Access Control

The mission of our unit is to provide the necessary support needed to put in place and maintain
the physical controls essential to our school district's needs, thus providing a tool which can be
utilized for the safety of everyone in the district. We as a unit are dedicated to continually improve
security technology and service to all district facilities.

We are a small yet vital group of technicians with expertise in Lock/alarm installation and service.
Our unit is comprised of locksmith technicians with a combined 86 years of experience in the
locksmith industry and, alarm technicians with a combined 30 years of experience in the alarm


The San Antonio ISD Police Department Dispatch Center is the hub of all phone and radio
communication for the San Antonio ISD Police Department and operates year-round 24 hours a
day seven days a week. It is manned by a group of dedicated professionals who are licensed by the
State of Texas and certified in the use of State and National Law Enforcement Telecommunications
Systems and a computer aided dispatch system. In addition to these duties, the police dispatchers
are also responsible for monitoring video, burglar, and fire alarm systems and dispatching
emergency responders as necessary. They coordinate with other public safety agencies and other
SAISD Departments as necessary to handle all operational needs.