First-Annual SAISD Food Extravaganza to put students’ taste buds to the test to tap

Media Advisory

What:    First-Annual SAISD Food Extravaganza to put students’ taste buds to the test to tap 
             new menu items

When:   Thursday (Nov. 12), 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. 

Where:  Lanier High School, 1514 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. (in gym located in the new Career
             & Technical Education building)

Which company’s version of Mandarin orange chicken is more likely to tickle students’ taste buds? How likely is a whole-grain turkey sausage and egg breakfast burrito to fare with students?

These are questions some 135 high school students, grades 9-12, will help answer during SAISD’s first-ever Food Extravaganza, an event that will become a yearly staple in determining new menu items.

At the event, students will sample 25 featured food and beverage items and provide written and verbal feedback. In some cases, they will be blind-testing three different versions of the same product.

Building on students’ enthusiastic response to Asian-influenced menu offerings this year, even more of those types of tasty dishes are being tested for next year’s menu, including General Tso’s chicken. Also, among the items to be tested is a decaffeinated mango green tea for the `a la carte menu.

The event is sponsored by SAISD’s Child Nutrition Services Department.

The taste-testers primarily will be from Lanier High School. Students from the District’s Student Advisory Committee, which consists of one student from every high school, also have been invited to participate.

SAISD has long been factoring student feedback about food items into its menu decisions, but the Extravaganza marks the first time Child Nutrition Services staff will engage directly with a large group of students to solicit instant feedback. In the past, new food items were tested only during meal times at various campuses, where surveys were provided and collected. The feedback was used in developing menus.