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SAISD Middle School Magnets

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SAISD offers three magnets at the middle school level, each with a different focus.

American Heritage Magnet
Poe Middle School
814 Aransas Ave., 78210

What do you think about when you see a rollercoaster? Did you know that in China a rollercoaster is a symbol of international pride? With the American Heritage Magnet, you will learn about the world around you while you create, visualize and accomplish your goals. Hands on projects and group learning ensure that you understand the principles of democracy, citizenship, leadership and more. Empower yourself and become an agent of change in your life - and in our world through the American Heritage Magnet.

Multilingual Magnet
Tafolla Middle School
1303 W. Durango Blvd., 78220
Speaking a second language is not only cool, but it can be a very valuable tool in your future career. In the Multilingual Magnet Program, you can learn Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese. Imagine starting a company that does business with Japan; or being the international liaison for a multi-billion dollar company in Europe. The path starts here. Learn about the culture, gain a better understanding of the world around you, compete in language contests at universities - you can do it all through the Multilingual Magnet.

Technology Magnet
Rhodes Middle School
3000 Tampico St., 78207, 210-433-5092
Medicine, international business, television and film, the internet and so many other amazing industries wouldn't exist without technology. The Technology Magnet is your introduction to this ever-changing and complex world. Get the skills you need to prepare yourself for high school and college. Imagine building bridges and working on circuit boards for computers. Taking science to the next level and beyond - that kind of work is what the Technology Magnet is all about.