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Superintendent Message (Feb. 2, 2016)

Organizational changes

Feb. 2, 2016

Dear SAISD Staff

Over the past eight months, we have begun laying the groundwork for a significant transformation to increase academic performance so that many of our students are achieving at higher levels.

In working toward our five-year goals, we are in the process of adopting a new framework for teaching, called the Gradual Release of Responsibility, that will increase rigor in classrooms across the District, and we are moving to a new curriculum system next year that supports that change – the TEKS Resource System. In addition, we are redefining the way we serve special student populations, including English Language Learners and students in Special Education.

For any of these changes to be effective, we must have a structure that supports the outcomes we hope to achieve. There are many great staff members working hard to support our students, but our current structure limits our ability to make meaningful progress. We have multiple silos across the District, and positions need to be redesigned to best address student and campus needs and specific gaps in our current system.

As a result, we are restructuring several departments, to ensure we are best aligned to provide the needed support, with changes to go into effect for the 2016-17 school year. We are redefining the scope, responsibility and criteria for a number of positions, focusing on functions within Curriculum & Instruction, Special Education, English Language Learners, and other areas of instructional support. Resulting job descriptions will look very different.

Our intent is to provide the campuses with more support. For example, we will refocus and increase the number of Curriculum & Instruction coach positions to provide approximately 90 instructional coaches to serve full time on campuses.

Meetings have been scheduled through this week for employees in the affected departments to hear details about the plans and timeline for restructuring their areas. We will take great care to ensure they are well informed of the position changes and the process for applying for jobs.

There will be plenty of positions for which to apply -- whether employees decide to apply for a position resulting from the restructuring or for another job at the District or campus level.

I understand that the many changes underway can be unsettling, but they are essential to moving the District forward and ensuring that we are providing all SAISD students with the high-quality education they deserve. 

I will continue to keep you updated as we move through these transitions. Thank you for your continued support of our long-term plan and your commitment to our students.