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SAISD PK-12 advanced learning academy



In August 2016, SAISD will open an innovative, forward-thinking school like no other in San Antonio, redefining what urban education looks like in our city. 

At the yet-to-be-named PK-12 advanced learning academy we have a vision for classrooms that will not be defined by grade or age but instead will serve as creative centers for students of similar levels of achievement. Students will alternate between individual and collaborative learning to tackle in-depth problems that require them to apply knowledge from across multiple subjects. And because we don’t want to hamper momentum when students are on a roll with a particular project or assignment, we are planning to forgo a bell schedule.

By eliminating some of the traditional boundaries, the advanced learning academy will be a place where minds truly can soar.

The school will be open to any curious, self-motivated learner looking for academic challenges and the option of accelerated learning.

The academy also will serve as a learning lab through Trinity University to create a pipeline of highly trained teachers and leaders for SAISD campuses. A new San Antonio area nonprofit, City Education Partners (CEP), is providing grants to SAISD and Trinity for the new teacher training and innovative school design.

Learn more about the school.

Ultimately, the academy will serve students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grades. When it launches in 2016-17, it will do so with kindergarten through 10th grades, adding pre-k, 11th and 12th over the next two years.

The grades served will be as follows:

2016-17 2017-18 2018-19

Kindergarten – 10th grades

Pre-kindergarten – 11th grades

Pre-kindergarten – 12th grades

The academy will be located across two campuses, opening in August 2016 with kindergarten through 3rd grades housed at the site of what currently is Austin Academy, 621 W Euclid Ave., and the majority of the grades, 4th through 10th, at nearby Fox Tech High School, 637 N Main Ave.

Austin Academy will close at the end of this school year under SAISD’s long-range plan, as previously announced.