Placing an Order

Steps for ordering services from the Central Office
Printing Services Department

  1. Call 554-8350 to request that a work order form be sent to you via the District’s Pony service, if your department secretary does not already have a form on hand.
  2. Complete the work order and return it (in triplicate, with all three sheets) to the Central Office Printing Services Department via pony or in person at 141 Lavaca St. (in back of the Central Office Board Room). If sent via pony, address it to:
    Central Office Printing Services, Attn: Vanessa Vance.
  3. Our department will email to acknowledge receipt of your order.*
  4. Our department will notify you when you order is ready for pick-up.

*Some custom print order may require preparation of a quote and design approval before printing can occur.  When this is the case, we will notify you.