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Six SAISD high schools to test their career skills in Mock Disaster Drill

Media Advisory

WHAT:        Six SAISD high schools will come together to test their career skills for a Mock Disaster Drill. Hundreds of students will participate from magnet and other career programs including health, public safety, criminal justice, law, media, architecture and more.

Now in its fourth year, the drill incorporates a larger scale of emergency scenarios, testing emergency management skills as well as those skills specific to their respective programs. 

WHO:          Nearly 250 students, staff and city police, fire, and rescue personnel on the campus, working together to assist mock victims, who will be played by student actors. See below for a full list of participants.

WHEN:       Tuesday, May 17, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

· A simulated tornado strikes at 10 a.m. and the exercise begins

· Aftermath of the tornado to include a Hazardous Material Spill, over 100 injured participants and an overturned vehicle requiring Jaws of Life

· A looting situation happens at 10:15 a.m.

· AirLIFE helicopter landing at 11 a.m.

· Mock disaster activity continues until 1 p.m.

WHERE:      Edison High School, 701 Santa Monica Drive – at the Health Professions building adjacent to the main school building

The event, which tests the knowledge and skills students have learned throughout the year, is in partnership with: 

  • San Antonio Fire Department
  • San Antonio Police Department
  • San Antonio Office of Emergency Management
  • San Antonio EMS
  • San Antonio AirLIFE
  • San Antonio College First Responder Academy
  • San Antonio ISD Police Department
  • American Red Cross Disaster Services
  • Texas A&M Engineering TEEX Extension Service

High schools and their programs participating include: Brackenridge Media Production, Burbank criminal justice, Edison Health Professions, Edison Public Safety, Fox Tech Health Professions, Fox Tech Law Professions, Highlands criminal justice, Jefferson Architecture and Jefferson criminal justice.

The event will provide the students an opportunity to implement what they have academically learned all year in a safe and controlled emergency exercise. Additionally, it will provide the teachers input in areas of improvement for academic instruction.

· Health Profession magnet students from Edison and Fox Tech will provide medical support.

· Public Safety students from Edison will provide fire support.

· The Brackenridge Media Magnet students will videotape and produce a presentation of the mock crisis event. The edited show will air on the school web site. The video will be used to apply for grant monies to support the magnet programs.

· Burbank criminal justice students will provide emergency dispatch and communication at the scene.

· The Edison Theater Arts department students will prepare the set with a simulated tornado and activation of the civil alert siren, and will apply makeup to the “injured” students to replicate various injuries true to the nature of the disaster. Our goal is to make the exercise realistic, however, with safety enforced at all times.

· The Fox Tech Law Professions Magnet students will conduct a mock hearing regarding the disaster at the crisis event.

· Highlands criminal justice students will serve as actors looting a disaster scene.

· Jefferson architecture students will design temporary housing plans for victims that become homeless from the tornado and Jefferson criminal justice students will help secure the hazardous spill area. 

About the Programs:

ARCHITECTURE at Edison High School
Students work with dedicated teachers and outside professionals while learning the principles and elements needed to prepare them for a wide range of career paths, including architectural, interior or industrial design, urban planning, and even historic preservation.

Health Professions magnet at Edison High School
Students choose from career pathways in Nursing, Dental Assistant and Pharmacy Technician, and as a junior or senior visit local hospitals to shadow healthcare workers and observe procedures and clinical practice. This program offers students the opportunity to get accepted into a professional school, earn dual credit with local colleges and/or take state certification exams needed to become employed in a medical career.

Public Safety at Edison High School
SAISD has partnered with San Antonio College (SAC) and the San Antonio Fire and Police Departments to offer a fast track to careers in fire science and law enforcement. The Fire and Police Academies are open to juniors and seniors throughout Bexar County and offer college credits equal to a freshman year and industry certifications. They are the only such programs in Bexar County. Students get hands-on experience by participating in internships – including ride-outs with SAPD or SAFD – and benefit from having mentors from the respective departments.

Health Professions magnet at Fox Tech High School
This is the District's only standalone Magnet school. It is a rigorous academic curriculum focusing on pre-med and a variety of medical careers, and students can earn up to 30 hours of college credit. Students will have the opportunity to access medical institutions including hospitals, university facilities, research laboratories and clinics. Students develop learning relationships with medical professionals in the community and experience global medical networking through contact with visiting physicians, as well as participate in seminars, summer volunteer programs and internships within the medical industry.

(Judge Andy Mireles Law Magnet)Through a partnership with St. Mary's University School of Law, students will study legal communications, the foundation of the American legal system, civil law, criminal law and more. Earn advanced placement and dual credit college hours while participating in mock trials and mentorships with attorneys. Students can even get the chance to earn an internship to work in the legal community with a practicing judge or attorney.

MEDIA PRODUCTIONS MAGNET AT BRACKENRIDGE HSMedia feeds the world with information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a fast-paced, cutting-edge industry that requires an understanding of journalism, fine arts, graphic arts, radio, television, speech and music. Students can experience the excitement of the world of media production. Students will produce a news show and put documentaries together.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE at burbank, jefferson and highlands
Students are introduced to professions in law enforcement, security, corrections, and fire and emergency management services. Students examine the roles and responsibilities of police, courts, corrections, private security, and protective agencies of fire and emergency services.