Talent Management - Meet the Team

Deputy Superintendent - Dr. Matthew Weber
Dr. Matthew Weber   
Deputy Superintendent
Talent Management
                 Image for Ashleigh Dennis
Ashleigh Dennis
Executive Director,
Recruitment and Talent Management

Department Manager - Hope De Leon
Hope De Leon
Systems Manager            
Image for Jill Rhodes Pruin
Jill Rhodes-Pruin
Director for Educator Quality

Image place holder for Kendra Branchy
Kendra Banchy
Director of
Talent Management        
Samuel Yi
Samuel Yi
Director of Analytics 
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Carrie L. Culpepper
Carrie L. Culpepper
Assistant Director of
Recruitment and Retention
Image Place Holder for Norma Scarcliff
Norma Scarcliff
Talent Partner
Secondary School Teachers

Jessica Stanush - Talent Partner
Jessica Stanush
Talent Partner
Image Place Holder for Claudia A. Garcia
Claudia A. Garcia
Senior Executive Secretary
for Deputy Superintendent

Andrea Contreras
Andrea Contreras
Administrative Secretary
for Exec. Director                
Image Place Holder for Cecilia Cantu
Cecilia Cantu
Secretary for Director for
Educator Quality

Image for Krystal Naranjo
Krystal Naranjo
Department Clerk
Image  for Karla Lopez
Karla Lopez
Department Clerk