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Athletics - Student Athlete Leadership Council (SALC)


As part of our continuing effort to cultivate and produce student athletes possessing strong leadership
qualities, the Student Athlete Leadership Council was created in 2016.  The council is comprised of
student athletes from each of our 8 high schools with athletic programs (Brackenridge, Burbank,
Edison, Fox Tech, Highlands, Houston, Jefferson, Lanier, YWLA).  Athletic competition is an extension
of the classroom and an educational activity that provides outstanding opportunities to teach life
lessons.  Through participation in athletics, student athletes learn values and skills that help prepare
them for the future.  Leadership, goalsetting, teamwork, decision-making, perseverance, integrity,
sacrifice and overcoming adversity are inherent in the athletic framework and support the academic
mission of the schools.  The goal of this program is to expose the council to a wide range of leadership
styles and engage them in developing their own leaderships skills.

Program Objectives:
  • To teach leadership lessons in order to prepare student athletes to serve as leaders on their athletic
    teams and their campuses, academically and athletically.
  • To provide a supportive forum where student athlete leaders can develop their leadership skills
    and discuss the challenges and rewards of their experiences.
  • To prepare student athlete participants to serve as leaders within their future communities and
  • To reinforce that team leaders are role models on and off the field of play who refrain from alcohol,
    drugs, bullying and other illicit behaviors.